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The CNDS site is undergoing a period of transition. This is the new layout of the site, and each of the underlying pages will follow this template. If you have any comments on how these pages could be improved, please send your comments to w.buchanan@napier.ac.uk


This is the home page of the cnds@napier module. The module has currently finished in the UK, but it continuing in the Malaysia. Just a quick note to say that Napier has just gained an EXCELLENT in the general area of Computing by the Times [Excellent]. If you're interested in research related to networking, and distributed systems, especially related to ad-hoc and mobile networks, then select the following link [Research at Napier]. Also if you're looking for an Honours project, why not have a look at the current projects relating to mobile agents and wireless, ah-hoc networks [Honours projects]. There's even a Pocket PC site being developed [CNDS for Pocket PC].

Ask a question on this module at cndsatnapier@hotmail.com OR use this form to send an instant message.

RE-ASSESSMENT FROM SEMESTER 1: If you require to be reassessed, please contact me, and arrange to take the on-line test [Here to request a reassessment]

The CNDS module has now run in its current form for several years. If there is something from the past you would like to access you can find it in some of the links given below. The module has been continually refined over the years, and tries to give everyone who takes the module the same experience, no matter if they study it in Scotland or Malaysia. As much as possible the results from tests are published as soon as they are marked, thus giving students some idea of their current performance. In Session 2001/2002, the subject used a 60%/40% split between coursework and exam. This type of split often confuses the assessment of the learning outcomes, thus the module was made completely continuously assessed (CA) in the current session (2002/2003). This CA uses two class test and an assignment.


Why not access the lectures on-line?


This year I included on-line lectures, which are text version of the lecture I would give within the lecture schedule. These have provided a great success, and allow students the opportunity to carefully review the presented material. The module has now completed the Semester 1 for 2002/2003, so watch out for the next version of the lectures which will appear here. The next revision of the module will hopefully have more material on network design, wireless networks, and mobile networking. If you want you can access some of the material from the WAP page of buchananweb.co.uk/cnds.wml.


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