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Weekly activities:

Week 2.

This activity involves matching up the layers of the OSI model, and research into MANs. There is also an introduction to on-line testing, with the Who Wants to be a Network-aire?

Week 3

This activity involves an introduction to binary, hex and decimal conversion, and bit timings. There is also an introduction to IPCONFIG, and an on-line test relating to Unit 1.

Week 5

This activity relates to the classification of IP addresses, and in the conversion between binary values and dotted notation. Along with this subnet marks are converted.

Week 6

This activity relates to the allocation of IP addresses, especially related to the ports which are assigned. Along with this the differing types of network addresses, such as IP, IPX and NetBEUI addresses are discussed.

Week 7

This activity relates to the determination of subnet network addresses for a given IP address and subnet masks (255 and 240 masks). Along with this Class B addresses are used to determine the number of subnets and the number of usable hosts per subnets.

Week 8

This activity investigates the key TCP ports, especially related to FTP, TELNET and WWW. It also outlines how the number of submask mask is determined for a given address type, and a required number of subnets.

Week 9

This activity investigate how CISCO 2800-series switches are configured, especially in how VLANs are setup, and how the basic parameters of the switch are assigned.

Week 10

This activity show how a CISCO Aironet 1200 wireless access point (AP) is configured.

Week 11

This activity show the main networking commands and configuration files used in UNIX.

Hex, decimal and binary. [EXE]
Binary to hex and decimal. [EXE]
Bit rate to bit timing. [EXE]

Bits, frames, packets, segments and messages.
OSI protocols.

IP general:
Network addresses.
IP classification. [EXE]
Binary-to-dotted notation. [EXE]
IP allocation. [EXE]

Subnet masks.
Subnet mask (255 subnet mask).
Subnet mask (240 subnet mask).
Number of subnets and hosts (for a given subnet mask).
Defining a subnet mask (for a required number of subnets).
Defining a subnet mask (for a required number of hosts).

TCP related:
TCP ports. [EXE]

Configuring a Wireless AP.

Configuring a 2800-series switch.

Router Programming 1.
Router Programming 2.
Router Programming 3.

Just added ......:
Who Wants A Test for Test 2?.
Who Wants to be a Network-aire tests for units?.

Additional (just a bit of fun):
Who Wants to be a Network-aire?.

Cisco 2820/1900 switch (under development).
Cisco AIRONET 1200 Wireless Access Point (under development).
UNIX networking.
Cisco Router.


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