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The CNDS module has three assessments, which have an equal weighting on the final mark. These are:

CA Assignment 1: (Week 6) . This a test based on Units 1 and 2 (Introduction and Network Types), Challenge 1 and 2 (Network Topology and Network Modelling), and Research Exercises 1 and 2 (Network Topology and Routes).

CA Assignment 2: (Week 10) . This is a test based on Units 5 and 6 (TCP and IP), Challanges 3 and 4 (Network Configuration and Sockets and Proxies), and Research Exercise 3 (IPv6).

CA Assignment 3: (Week 13). This is an on-line submission of a coursework based on wireless networking.

If you want to ask a question on any of these assigmnents, please use the form below:

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Otherwise contact on cndsatnapier@hotmail.com. Also note that replies will not be posted on the site, and will be kept private.