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cnds activities - week 7
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The aim of this activity is to understand the operation of subnetting, using differing types of IP classifications, and subnet masks.

Activity 1: 255 subnet mask

Time to complete: Approx 10 minutes

An easy subnet mask to assign is the 255 one. With this the complete parts of the first, second, or third part of the address is used to differentiate the network part, while the rest is the host part.



Activity 2: 240 mask

Time to complete: Approx 10 minutes


Another typical mask is the 240 mask which borrows 4 bits from one of the four values for the network part of the address.



Activity 3: Subnets and hosts

Time to complete: Approx 10 minutes

This task can be used to determine the number of subnets and hosts for various subnet masks.



Activity 3: Worksheet

Due to software configuration problems the Cisco ConfigMaker software cannot be installed in the Jack Kilby Centre. If you would like to complete the worksheet, the software can be downloaded from the following:

Cisco ConfigMaker

Activity 4: On-line test

To be completed.