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11. Column Corners

Often WWW pages have a very square look, with very little smoothness around the columns. A simple technique which can be used to enhance the look of a page is to use a smooth corner. This corner should like from one column into another with the same color as the corner. This gets rid of the sharp edges that are produced when a column uses a background colour. Here are two of the corners I've produced for left and right columns, respectively (see December 2000 for their usage):

You can see that they are half transparent, and half coloured the same colour as the column (##FFFF99, which is a WWW-safe yellow colour).

The other little trick that I've learnt is to smooth the edges of the end of a row. A good example of this is at the top of my home page. I did this with a curved corner which is white on the top right-hand side, and transparent on the bottom left-hand side:

Thus, as the background is white, it looks as if there is a smooth corner at the end.

Oh I also found out why some pages are so difficult to re-format, it's typically because the were produced from Microsoft Word, which adds lots of <span> and </span> statements. If possible, delete them as the embed formating information, which is difficult to modify. I use the menu option Clean Up HTML (which the span defined as the tag I wish to delete) to get rid of these tags.