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12 Aug 2003



The CNDS module is taken by several franchised colleges, and thus the WWW site is thus a focal point, and allows every student to have the same experience of it. I've thus revised the WWW page so that it is easier to use. The key elements of it are: lots of white space; a limited range of colours; and strong and simple navigation. As this is the main index page for the rest of the CNDS page, the navigation is split into a left and right column. The left-hand one has the more fundamental options, such as the exams page link. On the other side there are important quick links which can be easily modified, depending on how the designer wants to guide the user through the site. The left-hand menus appear on most of the underlying pages, and are thus relatively difficult to change over the linked pages. The right-hand ones only appear on the main page, thus only once change is required.



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